Rice, Curry and Spices

The spices and Herbs used for flavor, aroma and Medicinal properties derive a special value from the said factors. Sri Lankan cooking has evolved around the staple rice. The national meal is not referred to as “curry” but as “rice and curry” which gives credit in descending order, for a Sri Lankan will sit in front of a mountainous plate of rice to which is added small spoonfuls of curries, meat or vegetable, along with spoonfuls of various pickles or sambols. More than 15 varieties of rice are grown on the island to long-grained basmati and the red kakuluhaal, a nutty strain with as much flavor as the camargue red rice so much in demand in Europe. the fully cooked rice has the highly spiced accompaniments rubbed into it and each mouthful is gently massaged to mix the flavors.


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