Kandy Perahera

Kandy Perahera in August Season

The number of visitors to the city reaches a spectacular peak in July and August. A courtyard on the south side o the Temple of the Tooth becomes the hub of ornate and frenzied activity during the two-week Perahera. Many dozens of caparisoned elephant, dancers, drummers and other performance come together to parade the sacred tooth relic through the streets. The rituals and ceremony associated with Perahera have persisted for many centuries and have changed remarkably little over this time. the belief among the people is that country will not suffer from famine, revolution or calamity as long as these rituals are perfectly practiced. What ever the quality of the ritual, calamity is likely to come your way if you arrive in Kandy during Perahera without planning ahead. The hole town goes into carnival mode for a fortnight.


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